RBB for solving water markets

I’ve shared the following RBB using the Github RBB template, at https://github.com/andrew-bu/water-market


ABM-RBB Water Market


This package solves a market for a ‘lumpy’ commodity such as water.

Narrative Documentation

In agricultural systems, the marginal value of additional water supply may vary unevenly. For instance, a farm with more than enough water to grow wheat but not enough water to grow sugarcane might have a low marginal value for a small additional amount of water (since they can not use it to their advantage) but a high marginal value for a larger amount of water (if it enables them to transition to sugarcane). At the same time, they may be quite interested in selling water. This can be a difficult market problem to resolve, as agents have the potential to participate in the market in very different ways, depending on what other offers are available.

If the willingness of each farmer to participate in a market can be evaluated at several different points, then the overall market can be solved using solvers for the knapsack problem, which find the most valued set of elements that add to a given weight constraint.

Looks good Andrew! We could also consider updating the original submission at Water market ABM module (matlab) | Zenodo (i.e., its source GitHub repository at GitHub - comses-model-building-blocks/matlab.water-market) to conform to the new RBB template and then cut a new release reflecting the new metadata changes. I think I can transfer ownership of that to your account but am not quite sure what happens to Zenodo’s DOIs.

Also, a few small suggestions:

  1. the README should use the new canonical DOI format https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.29895
  2. the citation.cff file can include a doi: 10.5281/zenodo.29895 field
  3. the LICENSE should have some text in it removed and updated (date, authorship, preamble text removed, etc.)