Santa Fe Institute Spring 2018 Complexity Challenge

Welcome to our first open Complexity Challenge! Our pilot Challenge was by invitation only, but this time around anyone can apply to take part and tackle a real-world problem in complex systems.

Our Complexity Challenges are designed to be as open as possible. As in any problem needing solving in the real world, our challenge questions can always be solved in many ways, and the most valuable solution may not come from the most obvious source. Participants with background in any field - from sociology to computer engineering - should be able to look at our upcoming challenge, see something they recognize, and come up with a brilliant solution.

Unlike other online competitions, the Complexity Explorer Challenges aren’t designed to solicit the right answer, but many right answers. It’s then up to the challenge participants themselves to decide the best solution with our unique peer review system.

Spring 2018’s Complexity Challenge will be an updated and more sophisticated take on a classic SFI Optimization problem.

This time around, in addition to a written solution to the Challenge, we’ll also be running an optional NetLogo Tournament. Check back on Monday for details on how to enter the tournament and win a prize!

This Challenge will be capped at 200 participants. Any individual who has applied for access to the Complexity Challenges and had their application approved is invited to enroll on a first come, first serve basis.

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