Social model of a Team Developing a Planning-Methodology v1.0.0

The model represents a team intended at designing a methodology for Institutional Planning in the Public Sector (team for designing a Planning-Methodology, or TDPM). In general the goal of the model is to investigate how collaborative behaviour appears in the TDPM and on which elements of the model (e.g., parameters, emotions or morality) such behaviour depends on, in order to suggest policies for promoting collaboration, and thus a better product. The suggestions from the simulation for these variables can be interpreted and then implemented in terms of policies to increase, for instance, friendship or group cohesion. In particular the model was used as case in the in the paper “Identifying Emotions in Organisations: a MABs approach”, in order to investigate: 1. To exemplify how emotions and morality can be identified/modelled in SocLab. 2. To discuss how promoting some emotions might favour (certain standards and) collaboration
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