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Social Simulation Conference 2021

Social Simulation Conference 2021

SSC 2021 is the 16th annual Social Simulation Conference and will take place from 20th to 24th September 2021 at the Cracow University of Economics, Poland. The conference is one of the key activities of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA), aimed at promoting social simulation and computational social science in Europe and elsewhere.

This year’s special theme will be “Social Simulation geared towards Post-Pandemic times”, focused not only on questions raised by the current pandemic but also on future challenges related to economic recovery, such as localization, globalization, inequality, sustainable growth, and social changes induced by progressive digitalization, data availability and artificial intelligence. The details are available at the conference website

SSC 2021 seeks submissions for the following: Extended Abstracts (3-4 pages; short oral presentations), Full Papers (max. 12 pages; long oral presentations), Poster abstracts (300-500 words). The Submission Deadline is 30 April 2021. The details are available at the conference website We would like to encourage all the interested parties to submit their current work.

The submissions should be made using EasyChair starting on March 31st . The submission deadline is April 31st 2021.

If the current pandemic does not allow for an on-site conference, it will be held online or in a hybrid form. Publication of the conference proceedings (the Organizing Committee is in contact with Springer), is planned regardless of the nature of the conference. The best full papers will be given the opportunity to submit to JASSS for a special SSC2021 issue.

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