Social trust model v1.0.0

This is an evolutionary computational model to investigating the effect of interaction parameters on trust and relationships formation with different levels of intensity, from very best friends to close and then casual friends. The model starts with by setting population (total number of egos), the objectives’ weights for resource, wellbeing, alliance, risk and stress. The model was generated by the defined objectives’ weights as follows: Sociaty sociaty = new Sociaty(genereatEgoes_random(population),rescouseWeight, wellBeingWeight, allianceWeight, riskWeight, stressWeight, per); Where ‘per’ is the percentage of how many egos starting from strong tie preferred strategy in the interaction, defined as value between 0 and 1. This values will be changed in the evolving stage by mutation. is the class defining the interaction behaviour between egos. Parameters for the interaction behaviour are defined at the beginning of is the class defining the interaction strategy and status of individual ego. Each ego keeps a list of ties and its interaction status with other ego. Each status of tis/interaction is defined in
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