Special issue of *Env. Model. Software*: **From Cases to General Principles: Theory Development through Agent-Based Modeling**

To understand how complex socio-ecological systems function and respond to change and disturbances, agent-based modelling (ABM) is increasingly recognized as a main way forward. As a result, many good examples of agent-based models exist that are realistic enough to support the management of such systems, but these solutions are mostly case-specific, there is less cumulative science and little theory in particular. General theory, though, is highly needed because we cannot model each and any system and question. Still, across disciplines, a critical mass of expertise has accumulated which could transform ABM into a more coherent, efficient approach to identify general principles and theories. To this end, this special issue brings together leading ABM experts from different disciplines, such as social sciences, ecology, economics, and business. Their contributions will help us pave the way towards more general theory and, hence, provide the scientific base for reliable ABM applications in practice.


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