Summer/Winter School on Wealth Data Science Research

Summer/Winter School on Wealth Data Science Research

Dear Agent-based Modeler,

We are looking for experts and project leaders for our Summer/Winter School on Wealth Data Science Research. The School will take place on two campuses in Bremen (Germany, Summer) and Cape Town (South Africa, Winter), hosted by Constructor University and the African Center of Excellence for Inequality Research from July 1 to 12, 2024.

The twelve-day School serves as a research incubator where teams of 3-4 students and 2 experts on research projects towards a publication.

We aim to have projects on: - Mechanisms for the Production of Different Wealth Classes e.g. Innovation, Property Rights, Norms - Mechanisms for the Reproduction of Wealth e.g. Families, Geographies - Mechanisms for the Redistribution of Wealth e.g. Taxes, Transfers, Patronage

See our call for experts/projects: Please propose a project and apply by October 31, 2023!

More information about the school 2024: There is also information about the four former summer schools and research incubators and about their research output.

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