Survey for model designers for Master Thesis

I am currently doing my master thesis in CS at TU Delft on Data Mining in Agent-Based Simulation. The goal of this thesis is to provide model designers and analysts with DM tools to make the evaluation of models easier. From my understanding, these tools are currently very limited or even non-existent.

The main idea is to create a tool in Python that connects with NetLogo to run models and obtain their output. Because Python has many data analytic libraries, it provides the exact tools that NetLogo lacks in terms of data analytics for the output of ABMS. However, because my background is in CS, my skills mostly lie in the data mining part of the problem. I have never designed a model myself yet, so I obviously lack some knowledge of what is needed in order for the tool to be useful for an actual model designer.

For this reason, I thought it would be a good idea to ask some people with a lot of modelling experience what they thought would be useful in the tool. I have developed a survey with some questions that I would like to ask people, and I was wondering if anyone here wanted to take the time to help me out.

The survey is available at:

Thanks in advance,

Robin Faber