Teaching and Training in Systems Science Methods within Schools/Colleges of Public Health*

Please note that this message is intended only for attendees of the 2016 Society for Epidemiologic Research/Epidemiology Congress of The Americas Conference that will be held in Miami (June 21-24, 2016).

Teaching and Training in Systems Science Methods within Schools/Colleges of Public Health*
Where: Orchid D, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Miami

Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Time: 12:00-1:15pm

Background: Systems science methods (e.g., agent-based models, microsimulation, and system dynamics) are increasingly being applied in the study of chronic diseases and social determinants of health. There is an increasing demand by faculty at Schools/Colleges of Public Health for graduate students, postdocs, and research scientists who are trained or willing to learn systems science methods. Despite this, such students are in short supply and mainly arriving in Schools/Colleges of Public Health from non-health backgrounds (e.g. computer science, geography, economics). Therefore, a strategy is needed among current faculty, who use systems science methods in their research, to remedy this situation. Such a strategy should aim to teach and train the next generation of systems science researchers in epidemiology and public health.

Format: Informal meeting to share and discuss experiences of teaching and training systems science methods to epidemiology and public health students. Those intending to attend may provide specific discussion questions to the meeting contact person ahead of time.

Outcomes: A collaborative manuscript on the current state of teaching and training programs for systems science methods for epidemiology and public health students. Also, the manuscript may follow-up on earlier recommendations on incorporating systems science thinking and methods in epidemiology. Other suggestions are most welcome! We would try to submit it to AJE or Epidemiology, to name a few.

Please RSVP to Ayaz Hyder ([email protected])

*This session is not organized by SER or The Congress. The conference organizers have kindly facilitated a meeting room for this attendee-organized session.