The Catalog App: Cataloging individual and agent-based models

In this presentation we introduce the Catalog App of This App is a database of more than 7000 publications on agent-based and individual-based models for which meta-data is added on model documentation and model code availability. We present some snippets of information on the content of the data base, and demonstrate how you can explore the database. A more detailed analysis is in preparation.

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Dear Marco, Calvin and Allen,

Thank you, this is great work and a fantastic service to the ABM community!

It seems that the Catalog App cannot be opened from within I could not find a link. Is the login on the Catalog App page the same as for



The catalog app can be found here: . As you may have experienced we are doing a soft launch and contact the corresponding authors of papers whether they have feedback and URL of code that was not provided in the paper. Next year we make this a menu item of the comses website.