The simulation on the study of the optimal business strategy with the interaction between technologies and consumers.


This model consists of three agents, and each agent type operates per business theories as below. a. New technologies(Tech): It evolves per sustaining or disruptive technology trajectory with the constraint of project management triangle (Scope, Time, Quality, and Cost). b. Entrepreneurs(Entre): It builds up the solution by combining Tech components per its own strategy (Exploration, Exploitation, or Ambidex). c. Consumer(Consumer): It selects the solution per its own preference due to Diffusion of innovation theory (Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, Laggards)


Set the number of agents. Tech, Entre, Consumer. Set the other environmental parameters (technology development speed, technology appropriability, regional barriers). Click Setup and Run to play


The user can perform the simulation to find the best business strategy in the different environments of technology development speed and technology appropriability. (Schumpeter MarkI and MarkII). The user can perform the simulation on how each envrionmental parameter changes are correlated to the others. (technology development speed, technology appropriability, business strategy, customer preference, regional barriers, chasm, and so on.

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I am interested in connecting on this modeling topic. I am working to create a multi-level simulation model of the process of innovation. I am using ABM for firm decision-making and System Dynamics for the market system that evaluates technology. I would love to compare notes. Please reach out if interested at [email protected].