Two postdoc positions at IFISC

Two postdoctoral positions are available at IFISC in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Candidates are expected to work within the framework of the project Emergent Social, Technical and Ecological Complex Systems, ESoTECoS,, which addresses the following topics:

  1. Social changes and innovation processes with social interaction at multiple levels: a) Competition between globalization and social polarization, in particular language competition and cultural dynamics, b) Processes of social contagion and spreading in the adoption of innovations, c) Problems involving coordination and social learning: social imitation versus strategic imitation.

  2. Sociotechnical systems: a) Analysis of human mobility using massive data (big data) from diverse ICT sources, b) Characterization of hotspots, sociodemographic distributions and singular events, c) Electoral processes, d) Adoption of dynamic demand control and social cooperation to reduce power grid fluctuations.

  3. Emergent behavior with social characteristics in ecosystems: a) Interaction between mobility, competition and inhomogeneity, b) Mechanisms for communication and cooperation in microbial populations, c) Competition and cooperation in particular in Posidonia meadows, d) Genetic diversity and environmental adaptability.
    We are looking for a strongly motivated person with skills in mathematical modeling, computing, data collection and analysis. The candidate should have a PhD (or expect to have one for the starting date) in physics, applied mathematics, computer science or any close related discipline such as engineering.

Selected candidates will join IFISC working in collaboration with at least two ESoTECoS senior researchers: P. Colet, D. Gomila, E. Hernández-García, M. Matías, J.J. Ramasco, M. San Miguel, T. Sintes and R. Toral. IFISC´s working environment is a complex system in itself seeking coherence and integration from diversity, interaction, scientific dialog, transversal structures, bridge building and self-organization.
Applications should be received before April 30, 2017. The tentative starting date would be September 2017, subject to negotiation (early incorporation might be possible), and the duration of the contract will be of at least one year. Applications should be submitted via email ([email protected] and should include a motivation paragraph, a CV, and the name address and e-mail of at least two academic referees which can eventually be ask to send a reference letter for the candidate.

Inquiries regarding the position should be addressed to Prof. Pere Colet ([email protected], tel. +34 971 173382).

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