Workshop on Innovation


Simulation Innovation Workshop
Date: 24th June 2011 10AM - 5PM
Venue: Ken Edwards Building, University of Leicester

A workshop on the use of simulation models in innovation studies
How can computer simulations provide insight into the processes of innovation generation, diffusion and impact? What are the prospects for simulation models influencing R&D policy in science and industry? As part of the ESRC-funded SIMIAN project, the Universities of Surrey and Leicester are organising a one-day workshop in Leicester. This event will bring together academics with experience in agent-based models of technological evolution, knowledge dynamics and innovation networks, including modelling projects that have addressed real policy issues. It will be of interest to those working in innovation studies, evolutionary economics, R&D policy, and science and technology studies, as well as those interested in relating these areas to their own. It will also provide examples of the design and application of agent-based simulation models.
For more details contact: Christopher Watts:  [email protected]


This sounds interesting. Will any of the papers/discussions be posted?

Michael Barton