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Spatial and sequential stock depletion through increased fisher mobility: An agent-based modeling approach [CoMSES 2017] (11)
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Migration as an adaptive strategy: application to the US-Mexico Corridor [CoMSES 2017] (10)
Zero, Some, or Zero-Sum: Exploring Trade-Offs in Identifying Human Trafficking Among Migration Flows [CoMSES 2017] (4)
Consumats in Lakeland: Exploring the variability in a social-ecological system caused by alternative formalizations of human decision making [CoMSES 2017] (4)
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Lessons from implementing in parallel with 3 platforms the same didactic agent-based model [CoMSES 2017] (5)
Computational Strategy Formulation for Public Administration: An Agent Based Modeling Case [CoMSES 2017] (7)
Experimenting with threshold effects in a multi-resource hunter-gatherer agent-based model [CoMSES 2017] (4)
Implications of behavioral change on the social, ecological and economic dimensions of pastoral systems – lessons from an agent-based model [CoMSES 2017] (1)
Modeling human behavior in agent-based models of social-ecological systems [CoMSES 2017] (1)
Fire, Humans, and Landscape Change: Simulating Charcoal Proxy Records to explore Anthropogenic Fire and Neolithic Landscapes in the Western Mediterranean [CoMSES 2017] (1)
Studying prehistoric mobility and social networks [CoMSES 2017] (1)
Neolithic Agropastoral Expansion: An Evaluation of Theoretical Models Using an Agent-Based Model of the Neolithic Spread in the Western Mediterranean [CoMSES 2017] (1)
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CfP: Special Issue of Social Science Computer Review on "Simulation Models of Ethnocentrism and Diversity" [General Forum] (1)
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